Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everyone needs a gut-snort now and then

So I'm flipping through my emails in an effort to procrastinate myself away from THE LOOMING BLANK PAGE and I come across one from Chip MacGregor, literary agent. Now, before we get all excited about me receiving a message from the famous Chipster, you need to know that I only received it because I'm on his mailing list. I subscribed. Via some magical auto-subscribe button that you lucky 18 have also pushed on my blog. So, really, Mr. MacGregor doesn't know I'm alive.

So there it is.

But still, it came in my mailbox. From Chip MacGregor. And I always read his emails. He teaches me stuff about the pubbing biz, writing, and submitting and, more importantly, he makes me laugh. Today I needed a laugh and Chip, in his wisdom, must have known that when he sent out this latest message and at its end (I was already wearing the sly smirk of sarcasm appreciation) he left a link to author Jenny B. Jones's blog and the added note that she makes him snort coffee out of his nose (or something like that.)

Well, that is a call I cannot resist. While I prefer to drink my coffee while it's hot, I am not at all opposed to snorting it out my nose if random humor should bring it to pass. And, besides, with a name like Jenny B. Jones, I was already intrigued. I mean, a gal of a similar name, Junie B. Jones, spoke my all-time-favorite life motto:
"A little bit of glitter can turn your whole day around."
Actually, the line was from Barbara Park, in one of her Junie B. Jones, First Grader books that I love to read aloud to my girls, but still. Words to live by. Glitter rocks. But I digress. Again.

Sooo.... I clicked on the link to Jenny B. Jones's website. (Fun & Quirky) read about her books (which also seem Fun & Quirky) and then, glory of glories, clicked on her blog.

My coffee was cold by then, but when I read her picture captions I was hooked. I mean, this chiclette is funny. Make sure you read the picture captions from her trip to Kansas City--especially the armless statue and the chair from Restoration Hardware. Seriously. Or not so seriously. Jenny has a gift for observational humor! And she is spot on hysterical. Love it!

So if you, like me, need a good dose of coffee-snorting laughter today, please go visit Jenny's Blog--and tell her you got there by way of Fiction Mirrors Truth.

Now I'm off to Amazon to order one of her novels. She seems to be a girl after my own sarcastic heart.

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Joy Tamsin David said...

Shawna, you are my gut snort! :)