Monday, July 19, 2010

"For crying out loud, there's a killer to catch!" Nike Chillemi writes about Edgy Christian Crime Fiction

On a morning where my head is pounding, my mood is as sour as yesterday's cold coffee, and have to walk to work since the brakes went out on my van, I was awfully happy to drop by the latest stop on the Edgy Christian Fiction Summer Blog Tour so I could check out Nike Chillemi's post on Edgy Christian Crime Fiction.

Now, we all know that in most Christian circles very few crimes escape the BIG BROOM OF CHRISTENDOM when it's time for a whole-house sanitization. The ones left lying about are usually swept under the rug of "justifiable subcultural detritus" and often appear as little more than the blatant crimes against fashion taking up space in the pews. (Can I get a boo-yah on my denim jumper and knee socks, y'all???) Sure, there are the "tactful" grasps at sounding righteous while fishing for gossip ("Just give me all the juicy details so I can pray for her more effectively.") and other various societal sins which provide the "outside world" with fresh comic fodder from within our squeaky-clean, steam-sanitized ranks. But Nike isn't talking about those sorts of crimes. Nike is talking about POLICE PROCEDURALS, and BLOOD and GORE. She's talking about UNSANITIZED CRIME SCENES and MULTIDIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS who, as she puts it, aren't just bridge club members in cop uniforms looking for a novel to inhabit.

I could tell you more, but I'd rather have you drop by Nike's place today and let her know what you think. Check out Nike's blog by clicking on the direct link below. Then, if the mood strikes, go read a book or something. (She's given some great suggestions!)

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Tracy Krauss said... got such a way with words. It's a gift! I read Nike's post also and loved it. (As I have been enjoying all the posts so far ...) Can't wait for yours!