Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Will pub comments soon! and... disclaimer.

Just a note--a few of you have left comments on my rant and my anti-rant which haven't been approved yet--I've tried! Really! but there's some error at blogger. Your comments WILL be posted ASAP. Maybe the crazy weather is interfering with my DSL....

A little disclaimer: I spent a good portion of my childhood around the Amish (old order, Beachy----and everything in between) as well as several different levels of the Mennonite denomination (from the very conservative, almost-Amish to the contemporary, more liberal congregations). I never meant to imply disrespect to these people groups/subcultures/denominations--my comments and sarcasm were directed toward the FICTIONAL depictions of the Amish by Christian authors and the plethora of gagtastic bonnet book fiction being published in the CBA arena.

One of my best childhood friends was/is Mennonite (surname: Graber) and the life I observed within her home, family, and church (where I attended VBS every summer) greatly enriched my own faith journey. Additionally, it was at a conservative Mennonite Book Store where I discovered the YA Fiction series which changed my life and showed me the way to the Cross. so.....

If anyone was offended by thinking I was dissin' the real Amish or Mennonite PEOPLE, be assured that I was not. Only their fictional (truly, truly fictional) counterparts.

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