Thursday, May 27, 2010

"If music be the food of love, play on." -Wm. Shakespeare

I just had to share this link to a song by one of my new favorites, Broadway phenom, Sutton Foster. This song is so moving--makes me think of the Holy Wind, "Sarayu" as depicted in William P. Young's novel, The Shack. (READ IT NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT YET READ IT!) I don't know if the songwriter had any thoughts of God while writing this tune, but I have no doubt the Holy Spirit inspired the lyric and the absolutely gut wrenching melody/harmony with THIS DAY and me and my need for Him in mind. This song, to me, speaks to the hunger and restlessness and great gaping need to be solitary while soaring in the presence of God. Perhaps your need and mine are not in the same place today, but I hope you enjoy the song nonetheless. And I hope the link works! If not, go to you tube and type in Sutton Foster Flight and click on the one which is accompanied by the album cover for her album WISH.

May you hunger and soar upon Truth's breeze today.


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Love the name of your blog--and it is so true!

Tracy Krauss said...

Any post that starts with a quote from Shakespeare has got to be good! :)I believe that quote is from "Twelfth Night" ...? (Duke Orsino) You can tell I've been teaching HS English for way too many years!(But Twelfth Night is a fav of mine, so forgive me!)