Saturday, May 1, 2010

WHERE THE MAP ENDS interviews Rachel Marks

Jeff Gerke, publisher at Marcher Lord Press, recently posted an interview on Where the Map Ends with one of the edgiest author/artist/cool chicks around.

Rachel Marks was one of my first online friends at ECFL and I try to keep up with this witty, talented world-weaver whenever I can, checking out her ECFL page as well as her website,

Rachel’s artistry is human enough (considering she often depicts non-humans!) to be confused with photography. Amazing. Her writing is tight while remaining evocative. Absolutely worth hardcover price, in case any pubbers are listening!

If you check out the interview I guarantee your “must reads” list will gain a few new titles. (Amazon cart? FULL!) Once you've finished reading the interview, try visiting Rachel’s website. If you're an urban fantasy lover, you'll will be salivating for the release of Golden.

Have a great weekend!

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