Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Attitude is Everything

I don't want to be a negative, critical person. I've been praying about that. Working on that. The last several months have been difficult in every arena. But a new day has dawned. Things are looking up. My personality, however, is having a hard time making the jump to positivity. But, as so often is the case: when we're working on changing something negative about ourselves--especially something that is impeding relationships on both the horizontal and vertical plane, the enemy throws stuff at us to steal our joy and impede our progress. Stuff like Iron Deficiency. Health problems. Communication misunderstandings. Family Issues. Scheduling Nightmares.

Early morning phone calls.

I was called in to work today. I’m having a really hard time not being resentful of losing a writing day. Not because I don’t like my job—I do like my job—I really do! I work with a group of women who are funny, understanding, compassionate, friendly… and just plain nice. It’s a wonderful work environment and a job where I can “leave work at work” at the end of the day.

I had a GREAT writing day yesterday. Seven hours of uninterrupted (okay, I ate lunch!) creativity. Ideas flowed, things got tighter, discovered a new twist in my plot…. It was a great day. And I was soooo pumped to hit it again today. Cause today was going to be EIGHT hours. Maybe more!

But alas. The 6:49am call came in. Someone’s sick. Someone else had a planned day off with appointments. So off to work I go. Sigh.

If anyone out there reading this is a praying person, I’d appreciate your prayers that I approach this day with positivity--that I leave all my negative regrets about lack of writing time at home. I keep telling myself: “The more hours you work, the faster you get the fence installed in the back yard. The faster you get the fence, the less time you have to spend cleaning up dog poo in the garage. The less time you spend cleaning up dog poo, the more time you have to write.”

It always comes down to some sort of poo, doesn’t it?

Oh, wait. I was trying to think positively.

Ellerie has dance class tonight. There’s nothing that says I can’t take my sweet little laptop with me and wait in the car with my characters. Because I can’t wait to reveal how Dr. Vidler found out about Thatcher’s strange abilities—that oughtta cause some tension. Not to mention the recent revelation made by Thatcher’s brother Logan that has far-reaching implications for the whole family….

Like Donald Maas says, and I paraphrase, “Tension on every page!”

Oh, dear. I really need to go get my make-up on. I’ve got to get a fence so I can have more writing time!

Think positive, Shawna! Everything happens for a reason, and acceptance of circumstance can lead to revelation. Who knows what customer will come in, what situation will arise, that could start the wheels turning in new directions? Fiction mirrors truth, after all.

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